The Diary of Saint Faustina is a spiritual treasure given to the Church by Jesus Himself through the humble instrumentality of a cloistered nun. It consists of Saint Faustina’s six handwritten notebooks revealing her faith and her daily encounters with our Lord.

The book contained within this site, Daily Reflections on Divine Mercy: 365 Days with Saint Faustina, was written to help you discover the spiritual wisdom revealed by Saint Faustina in her Diary.  It consists of 365 short spiritual reflections which can be used throughout the year for daily meditation, inspiration and prayer.  The full content of this book is made available to you free of charge in online format through the links below.  It is also available for purchase in ebook and paperback format.  Additionally, the links below provide you with numerous other resources from My Catholic Life! to assist you with your daily prayer and faith.

May the Mercy of God transform you each and every day as you continue your journey of personal conversion!

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