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Easter Prayers and Meditations

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Latest Divine Mercy Reflections:

Reflection 144: Your Holiness is a Gift to Others - Jesus deeply desires to pour forth His Divine Mercy into your soul.  He desires to transform your sin and make you His perfect dwelling place.  This is a gift beyond what we can grasp, but one we are invited to accept.  Accepting the countless graces from our Lord is not only...
Reflection 143: Trust, Trust and More Trust - Every reflection of this book ends with a prayer and each prayer ends with the prayer, “Jesus, I trust in You.”  But do you?  Trust is not only a one time act.  It’s not something we do or do not do.  It’s something we must do on a continually deepening level.  There is no limit to the depths...
Reflection 142: The Lord’s Peace Dispels Evil - It is important to recognize the existence of the evil one, satan.  And it’s important to realize his anger and hatred.  His hatred is of greater intensity than we may be able to understand.  It is beyond his control to cease hating us and seeking to destroy us with all his powers.  Why is it...
Reflection 141: The Mercy of the Angels - Only in Heaven will we understand the gift of the angelic hosts.  These magnificent spiritual beings were created by God out of love.  Some were created for the sole purpose of eternal worship and adoration of the Most Holy Trinity.  They never tire of this calling and worship God with an ever...
Reflection 140: Being Misunderstood - In your relations with others, do you sometimes feel misunderstood?  It could be by a close family member, a friend, a coworker, etc.  The problem is that the content of your mind, heart, will, intention, and all of your past experiences are what go into directing your...
Reflection 139: Providence Makes it Happen - Sometimes we tend to push the Will of God faster than God has chosen to move.  As a result, we end up doing our own will and not that of God’s.  The key is patience.  We must patiently wait upon the Lord for Him to act in us so that He is the one doing all things through us.  In…
Reflection 138: God’s Mercy is Infinite - Perhaps it’s no surprise to hear it said that the Mercy of God is infinite.  But “infinity” is quite a concept to grasp.  In fact, some would argue that it is impossible to grasp.  Delving into something that is infinite and has no bounds is beyond what we could ever fathom.  So...
Reflection 137: Power in the Cross - When you pray, do you ever sit and gaze upon the crucifix?  From an outside perspective, the crucifix is a puzzling reality.  Why would we lift high and honor such a horrific event?  The brutal murder of the Son of God may not be, at first, something we are attracted to.  Yet...
Reflection 136: The Power of a Grateful Heart - If you were to examine the content of your prayer life over the past month, what would you see?  Hopefully there would be many moments of surrender, intercession, praise and adoration.  And hopefully there were also many moments in which your prayer consisted of deep thanksgiving to...
Reflection 135: Conversing with Jesus - Do you converse with Jesus?  This is a form of prayer that is most fruitful.  “Conversation” with God is not the highest form of prayer, but it is a form of prayer that we often need to begin with.  Conversation with God is especially fruitful when we carry some form of burden...

Latest Gospel Reflections:

  • Come Holy Spirit!

    May 24, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

  • Jesus Prepares Us

    May 23, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for Monday of the Sixth Week of Easter

  • The Love of God

    Sunday, May 22, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for the Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year C)

  • Persecution

    May 21, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter - Saint Christopher Magallanes, Priest and Martyr and Companions, Martyrs—Optional Memorial

  • You Are Chosen

    May 20, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter - Saint Bernardine of Siena, Priest

  • Unlimited and Unconditional Love

    May 19, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for Thursday of the Fifth Week of Easter

  • Being Pruned

    May 18, 2022- Daily Gospel Reflection for Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Easter - Saint John I, Pope and Martyr—Optional Memorial

  • A Troubled Heart

    May 17, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

  • Indwelling of the Trinity

    May 16, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter

  • Glorification Through Suffering

    May 15, 2022 - Daily Gospel Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year C)

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Latest Divine Mercy Reflections

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