Chapter One – Introductory Reflections

We begin, today, reflecting upon an introduction to Diary of Divine Mercy of Saint Faustina.  This treasure reveals Jesus’ own Heart.  It reveals His infinite love and Mercy.  Ponder each short daily reflection throughout the day so that, by the end of the Year, you will have pondered everything Jesus revealed to this great saint. 

In the pages to follow, you will discover many of the beautiful truths of God’s Mercy.  Some may strike you to the heart, while others may not.  Pay attention, especially, to those reflections that jump out at you.  Some may be deeply convicting and be the cause for you to reexamine your life.  Do not be afraid to let the Lord speak to you in a powerful way and do not resist His message of Mercy.  If a particular message does strike you, and if this is the result of God speaking to you and challenging you, then listen.  Pray over that reflection and let the Lord speak.  Do not be offended and do not turn away.

This first chapter presents a basic introduction and overview of Saint Faustina’s Diary and the message of Divine Mercy in general.  These first ten reflections are offered as a way of introducing you, by way of an overview, to the Heart of our Lord as revealed through the six notebooks Saint Faustina filled with her inspirations and private revelations.  As you read through this initial chapter, allow yourself to be open to the newness of the concept of Divine Mercy and the devotion that flows from it.  God deeply desires to pour out His Mercy in our day and age and the revelations given to Saint Faustina are a gift by which God is speaking to us in a special way.

Reflection 1 – “The” Divine Mercy