Reflections on Notebook Three

We continue now to the third notebook that Saint Faustina filled with messages of Mercy from our Lord.  As you enter into this notebook, pause and reflect upon all that you have read so far.  Has it changed your perspective on life?  Has it changed you?  If it has, then continue down that same path and trust that the Lord will continue to do great things in your life.  If it has not, reflect upon why!

Sometimes we need more than the words we read.  We also need true prayer, deep prayer and what we may call “soaking prayer.”  Consider this as you read through the reflections flowing from this notebook and allow the words to not only enter your mind, but to also enter deeper.  Read them prayerfully and carefully.  Speak to our Lord as Saint Faustina did.  Read some more of her actual diary in addition to these reflections and learn from her humble and childlike faith.

The Lord wants to do great things in your life!  Open the door, through prayer and reflection, and let Him in!

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