Reflection 341: Adore the Lord My Soul

If you have ever been to a wonder of nature, the moment you behold it is an awe-inspiring moment.  Looking at the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or the Swiss Alps for the first time will take your breath away and leave you in a moment of adoration of God’s creation.  But if the beauty of nature can evoke such a response, then the infinite beauty of God will leave you in awe for eternity.  It will be a moment of such “Beholding” that every fiber of your being will be drawn to God the moment you are face-to-face.  And that “moment” will become one eternal moment.  That moment can begin now if you allow yourself to be drawn into the adoration of God (See Diary #1652).

Do you understand the idea of adoring God?  There is only one way to understand and that’s to do it.  For example, someone may tell you all about the Grand Canyon, and it may be interesting, but seeing it with your own eyes completely changes your understanding.  Reflect today on whether or not you know what it means to adore God with your whole soul.  If you do not, then seek out this supernatural marvel.

Oh Lord, I desire to adore You with all my being.  I want to be mesmerized by Your beauty and glory.  Draw me in, dear Lord, and allow me to have but a glimpse of the glory I am to behold for all eternity.  Jesus, I trust in You.


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