Reflection 359: The Love of Eternity

With God there is no time.  Time is strictly an earthly phenomenon.  In God, all things are, always were and always will be.  One effect of this eternal love is that God has loved you for all eternity.  He has known you even before the foundation of the world and will know and love you forevermore.  This all-encompassing love should give you great comfort.  There never was a time that God did not perfectly love you and there never will be a time when His love fails.  God’s love is eternal, and it is offered before you were created, every second of your life, and for eternity and beyond (See Diary #1754).

Ponder eternity today.  Though it’s possible to understand what eternity means, it’s impossible to comprehend its depths.  Ponder also the simple fact that God’s love is eternal.  For that reason, the same truth applies.  You can understand that God’s love is eternal, but you will never comprehend the depths of God’s love.  This is very comforting to know.

God of Eternity, I thank You for Your perfect love and for its infinite nature and depth.  May I spend my eternity plunging into this love, never growing weary of receiving it and becoming more immersed in its beauty.  Jesus, I trust in You.


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