Reflection 363: Hearing God Speak

Imagine you were in a crowded room with much noise and someone whispered to you from across the room.  You may notice them trying to speak but it would be difficult to hear.  This is much like the Voice of God.  When God speaks, He whispers.  He speaks gently and quietly and only those who are truly recollected throughout the day will notice His Voice and hear what He says.  The Lord wants us to eliminate the many distractions of our day, the constant noise of the world and all that drowns out His gentle command of love.  Seek to be recollected, silencing the noise of the world, and the Lord’s gentle Voice will become crystal clear (See Diary #1779).

Do you hear God speak to you?  If not, what is it that distracts you and competes for your attention?  Look into your heart and know that the gentle Voice of God speaks to you day and night.  Try to be absolutely attentive to His Voice of perfect love, and follow all that He asks.  Ponder His Voice not only today, but always.  Build a habit of attentiveness so that you will never miss a word that He says.

Lord, I love You with a burning love and desire to hear You speak to me always.  Help me to eliminate the many distractions of life so that nothing will ever compete with Your gentle Voice.  Jesus, I trust in You.