Reflection 30: Obedience to God

One key to holiness is obedience.  Adam and Eve fell from grace by disobedience and we are restored to grace by obedience.  Obedience can be hard and requires a deep interior decision.  Look for opportunities to be obedient to Jesus, especially when you do not feel like doing so.  Those are moments of great grace and conversion (See Diary #28).

Work at being humble today.  Only through humility will we see the pride that leads to disobedience.  Pride leads to an obstinate persistence in our sin and a refusal to be open to God’s abundant Mercy.  Reflect upon your humble admission of sin and your willingness to repent of that sin so that you can imitate our Lord and His Blessed Mother in their act of perfect obedience to the Will of the Father in all things.

Lord, help me to humble myself before Your Divine Mercy.  In that humility, help me to see not only my sin, but also the grace and Mercy You bestow so as to enter into the glorious life of grace You call me to live.  May I obey Your perfect commands of love and so be filled with Your Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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