Reflection 35: Perceiving the Passion of the Lord

Do you understand the Passion of our Lord?  Do you perceive His sufferings in your soul?  This may, at first, seem undesirable.  But perceiving the sufferings and Passion of our Lord is a great grace.  As we perceive His suffering we must then encounter it and embrace it as our own.  We must live His sufferings.  In doing so, we begin to discover that His suffering is nothing other than divine love and Mercy.  And we find that the love in His soul which endured all sufferings enables us to endure all things in love.  Love endures everything and conquers everything.  Let this holy and purified love consume you so that you can endure, in love, whatever you encounter in life (See Diary #46).

Gaze upon the crucifix this day.  Gaze upon the perfect Sacrifice of Love.  Gaze upon our God who willingly endured all things out of love for you.  Ponder this great mystery of love in suffering and love in sacrifice.  Understand it, accept it, love it and live it.

Lord, Your Cross is the perfect example of sacrificial love.  It’s the purest and highest form of love ever known.  Help me to understand this love and to accept it into my heart.  And as I accept Your perfect Sacrifice of Love, help me to live that love in all that I do and in all that I am.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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