Reflection 60: Dealing With a Spiritual Drought

Does your soul feel like it is in a spiritual drought at times?  Do you wish you could have greater spiritual consolation in your daily life.  This is a common struggle and one that we should not worry about.  The primary goal of our spiritual life is to do the Will of God.  Often times, a certain spiritual dryness actually helps us live the Will of God more than powerful and emotional spiritual consolations.  God knows what we need and will give it to us when we need it (See Diary #195).

Consider, today, how you feel inside.  What does your spiritual life feel like today?  Now set that thought aside and realize that there is only one thing that ultimately matters: doing the Will of God, not feeling the Will of God.  “Doing” must be our food and our strength.  Contrast your feelings with your doing today and ask our Lord for grace to live out His Will.

Lord, I recommit myself to Your most holy Will this day.  I commit myself to doing that which You command.  May I see all Your commands as commands of love.  May my embrace of these commands bring strength and peace to my soul, especially during times of spiritual dryness.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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