Reflection 91: Prayer for Another Opens the Door

Only God knows what another truly needs.  We cannot read another’s soul unless this special grace were given to us by God.  But each of us is called to pray fervently for others.  At times, if we are open, God will place on our hearts the need to pray fervently for another.  If we feel called to enter into special prayers for another, we may also be surprised to find that God will suddenly open the door for a holy and heartfelt conversation that this person desperately needs (See Diary #396).

Has God placed a certain person on your heart?  Is there a particular person that often comes to mind?  If so, pray for that person and tell God you are ready and willing to be there for that person if it be His Will.  Then wait and pray some more.  If God so desires, you will find that, at the right time and the right place, your openness to this person could make an eternal difference.

Lord, give me a fervent heart of prayer.  Help me to be open to those whom You place in my path.  And as I pray for those in need, I make myself available to You to be used as You will.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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