Reflection 64: Hearing the Voice of God

When you are at church, do you listen?  Specifically, do you listen to the voice of God?  Often times we sit and listen to the homily and our mind wanders and we miss all or most of what was said.  Where does your mind wander?  The truth is that sometimes a wandering mind is from the Lord.  Sometimes there may be one thing said at Mass that our Lord then places on your heart to ponder.  Do not be afraid to let Jesus take you on a spiritual journey while at Mass or while alone in prayer.  He may often wish to speak a homily directly to your soul (See Diary #221).

Reflect, today, upon how well you reflect.  True prayerful reflection is not simply daydreaming.  It’s not distraction that leads us to obsess or worry about this thing or that.  Prayerful reflection is a way of letting God take hold of our imagination so as to lead us into His Truth.  He often desires to lead us into a particular word of Truth that we need to know at that time.  How well do you do this?  Ponder your prayerful pondering and next time you pray do not be afraid to let God take control.

Lord, I know You speak to me day and night.  Help me to hear Your sweet voice and to listen.  Help me to allow You to take control of my prayer and to direct me into all You have to say.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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