Reflection 337: Helping the Anxiety of Others

In our lives it is almost certain that we will encounter people from time to time who are agitated, upset or worried.  They may obsess about this or that and their thinking may even be somewhat irrational.  What a graced opportunity this is for Mercy.  Anxiety and worry will happen in life and we should not let it draw us in.  We must keep our peace, make the situation light, and especially offer prayers for those struggling with this burden (See Diary #1636).

How do you react when you encounter the excessive worries or anxieties of another?  This is a heavy burden to them and a source of much stress.  Reflect upon how you approach people in this situation.  Know that the Lord wishes to use you to bring peace to their worried minds and anxious hearts.  Commit to this act of Mercy and the Lord will bless them.

Lord, please do make me an instrument of Your peace.  When I encounter those who have no peace and are filled with anxiety, help me look at them with compassion and love.  Help me to know that these souls need Your Mercy and that I am the one sent to dispense it.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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