Reflection 342: The Refreshment of the Passion

Normally we do not put the words “passion” and “refreshment” together.  How could the Passion of Christ be refreshing?  It is only horrific and sorrowful from an earthly perspective.  The Lord suffered greatly and our blessed Mother suffered with Him with the most sorrowful heart.  But they both took great refreshment in this act also.  This is because the Passion is pure love.  And love refreshes us like nothing other.  When you meditate on the Passion of our Lord you also offer joy and refreshment to His suffering soul and your own crosses are transformed as you enter into His (See Diary #1657).

Never stop reflecting upon the Passion of our Lord.  It must become an image that is imbedded upon your heart.  Reflect on how often you do meditate on this act of pure love.  Do you understand it?  Do you see the love and compassion that brought our Lord to such a gift?  Put your eyes on the Passion today and never take them off this refreshing act of perfect Mercy.

Lord, help me to see Your Passion for what it is.  Please peel back the veil of Your suffering and pain so that I may see the love that led You to this moment.  As I gaze upon this beauty may I bring You delight and be transformed by Your Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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