Reflection 92: Creativity in Prayer


Oftentimes, our days are filled with activity.  Families are often occupied with one event or another.  Chores and work can pile up and we may find, at the end of the day, that we have had little time to pray to God in solitude.  But solitude and prayer can happen at times throughout our busy day.  Though it’s important to look for moments when we can be alone with God, giving Him our full attention, we should also look for opportunities to pray, interiorly, in the midst of our busy lives (See Diary #401).

Do you find that your life is full of activity?  Do you find that you are often too busy to get away and pray?  Though this is not the ideal, it can be remedied by looking for opportunities within your busyness.  At a school event, while driving, while cooking or cleaning, we always have the opportunity to raise our minds and hearts to God in prayer.  Remind yourself, this day, that you can pray during most moments of the day.  Praying continually, this way, may provide the solitude you so desperately need.

Lord, I long to be in Your presence throughout my day.  I long to see You and to love You always.  Help me to pray to You, in the midst of my activity, so that I may always be in Your company.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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