Reflection 101: God Speaking Through Others


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Very often, God wants to speak to You a particular message that you need to hear.  It may happen that, as you listen to a homily, read a book, hear something on the radio or talk with a friend, something particular will jump out at you that does not seem to affect others.  Pay attention to this inspiration, it is a gift to you of God’s Mercy and a revelation of His love for you (See Diary #456).

Reflect upon anything, lately, that has gotten your attention.  Have you heard something that seemed to be spoken just for you?  Is there something that has been on your mind?  If so, spend time with that thought and try to discern if it is from the Lord and what He may be saying to you through it.  This may be God’s voice speaking to you and an act of His great Mercy.

Lord, I desire to hear Your voice.  Help me to be attentive to Your word as it is spoken to me.  When You speak, help me to listen and to respond to You with generosity and love.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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