Reflection 133: Actions on Our Own


We cannot do anything good on our own.  This is a fact.  All we can do on our own is sin.  In fact, the only way to please God and to do good things for Him is to rely upon Him for everything.  We must have a relationship of complete dependence upon God in all things.  It’s easy to think that we will please God if we simply try harder with an action we have undertaken on our own and believe is good.  If we do this or that and do it well, we will please Him.  But this is not true.  God is not looking for us to do something of our own choosing for Him, and to try and try again until we accomplish it.  No, He is only looking for one thing: obedience to His Will in all things.  And the only way we can be obedient to that which He calls us to embrace, is by becoming completely dependent upon Him in every way (See Diary #659).

Reflect upon the joyful discovery of the Will of God.  When we discover what He asks of us, and then accept His Will, we will also, necessarily, enter into a relationship of trust and utter dependence upon Him.  This act of depending upon Him to fulfill His Will produces an abundance of peace and joy.  Reflect upon whether you see this total dependence upon God alive in your life.  Where you see it lacking, surrender more deeply in trust, giving up that which you cling to by your own will, choosing instead the Will of God as He makes it known to You.

Lord, I choose this day to become completely dependent upon You and Your most holy Will.  I choose, further, to give up my own will and all that I try to do on my own.  May my surrender and dependence upon You become the source of my enduring peace and joy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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