Reflection 205: The Fortress of Peace


The peace of the Lord is like a fortress in which we must take refuge from all the outer attacks from the evil one.  Outside of this fortress we are exposed to all of these malicious attacks.  The darts of anger, oppression, deceit and envy can do us great damage without the sacred protection of the Peace of God.  But within the walls of this fortress, the Lord protects us from all that seeks to do us harm.  Seek refuge in the Lord’s Mercy and allow it to form a barrier of peace, protecting you from the evils of the world.  Do not allow these attacks to penetrate this barrier; rather, remain content with the Lord and allow Him to work on you within the safety of His place of refuge (See Diary #1067).

What is it that seeks to destroy your peace?  What shakes you and disturbs you from within?  Know that the Lord wants to protect you and to give you refuge.  Seek His peace.  Seek Him and He will give you His peace.  Peace is a gift that is beyond description and human comprehension.  It’s a place of safety that will shield your soul from the daily vices and attacks of the evil one.  Do you know the Lord’s peace?  Are your eyes firmly fixed on this gift of His Mercy?  Seek Jesus with all your heart and you will, indeed, know His peace.  And in the shelter of that peace, the Lord will do great things to you, if you let Him.

Lord, I entrust to You the protection of my soul.  I give to You all of my inner longings, hopes, desires and weaknesses.  Please come and form a barrier of protection around me so that I may meet You in this sanctuary within.  I thank You for the love of Your Mercy that envelops me and produces sweetness and strength.  I love You, my Lord, and entrust myself to Your perfect care.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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