Reflection 253: The Response of Total Gratitude


What should our response be to God?  Oftentimes we become self-consumed in our relationship with God.  We focus in on our troubles and needs.  These must be given over to God and let go of.  When we do this we will discover that we begin to see the glory and goodness of God at work in our lives and we will begin to be filled with the utmost gratitude toward God.  Gratitude must consume us and fill our minds and prayers.  We must allow gratitude to take over our passions and feelings and every part of our being.  This is what we will do for eternity.  Heaven will be one eternal act of thanksgiving to God for His goodness and Mercy.  When we can turn our eyes away from ourselves and focus in on God, this gift of gratitude will begin to direct our lives (See Diary #1285-1286).

Are you grateful?  You will be grateful only if you allow yourself to see the countless gifts that God lavishes upon you every day.  It’s easy to allow self-absorption to cloud our vision of these countless blessings from God.  But if you can turn your eyes toward Heaven and see the truth, you will be amazed at God’s infinite goodness.  Do not let yourself miss out on this glorious discovery of all that God does for you day and night.  Do not close your eyes to the abundance of His Mercy.  Reflect, today, upon whether or not you allow yourself to see His merciful love lavished upon you and upon others.  Fix your gaze upon this Mercy and allow this realization to foster within you a profoundly grateful heart.

My Lord, I thank You for all that You have done in my life and I thank You for all that You will continue to do in me.  Help me to become increasingly aware of Your merciful love and the countless blessings You bestow upon me and upon all Your children.  As I see Your handiwork all around, fill my heart with sincere gratitude.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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