Reflection 46: Daily Duties are the Path to Heaven


It is true that our goal must be Heaven.  We must constantly keep our eyes on this eternal reality.  Why?  Because in comparison to this passing world, Heaven is all that ultimately matters.  So how do we keep our focus on Heaven without becoming complacent with our daily duties?  Would it be proper to neglect our daily duties and responsibilities so as to spend all day at church?  Certainly not.  In fact, the way to Heaven centrally involves living our duties well.  We must live them in fidelity, diligence and love.  Living well while we are here on Earth is the best preparation for Heaven (See Diary #107).

Reflect, today, upon Heaven.  See this glorious reality for what it is.  It is eternal happiness!  It is unending joy!  Look, also, at all that God calls you to do each and every day.  Be it small menial tasks or great and visible works, do everything for the love of God, seeing each responsibility you have been given as a central way by which you obtain eternal joy.

Lord, I invite You to enter into my life daily.  I pray that everything I do may be done as an act of love for You and for others.  May I fulfill all my responsibilities well and, through them, obtain the glorious life that awaits.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Two great books for Lent:

Lent and Easter Reflections
Updated for Lent & Easter 2022 with additional reflections and more detailed Table of Contents

Lent and Easter Reflections is one of four books that makes up the Catholic Daily Reflections Series. As a devotional it is a great resource for daily meditation and prayer offering reflections on the Gospel of the day in a practical, faithful and down-to-earth way. It is formatted in such a way that it can be used for any liturgical year, offering reflections on every Gospel option, including Sunday Years A, B & C, every daily Mass option and all Feasts and Solemnities. Allow the death and resurrection of Christ to transform your heart more fully this Lent and Easter!  It is also available in paperback & eBook format!

40 Days at the Foot of the Cross:
A Gaze of Love from the Heart of Our Blessed Mother

Through this daily devotional you are invited to prayerfully ponder the mind and heart of our Blessed Mother as she endured the great suffering inflicted upon her own dear Son.  Mother Mary faced the Cross of her Son with perfect faith, love and devotion. Her fidelity to her Son throughout His life was unwavering. As she stood before the Cross during those long three hours, that fidelity never ceased.