Reflection 194: Satisfaction in Life


What is it that satisfies you in life?  The answers to this question could be quite varied from person to person.  One may find satisfaction in work, another in family activities, another in community service, another in wealth and worldly rewards.  There are many and varied responses people will give.  But the answer shouldn’t be varied.  There should be one answer for us all.  And that answer is that you find true satisfaction in life by being with your Lord, resting in His Heart and being close to Him.  This may make sense to most people in a theoretical way, but in a practical way it may not connect.  What does it mean to be “resting in His Heart and being close to Him?”  The only way to discover this real and practical meaning is to do it.  All the books in the world will not teach you.  You must discover His Heart, love His Heart, be alone in His presence, and only then will you discover what true satisfaction is all about (See Diary #1021).

Do you understand, practically and experientially, the total satisfaction in life that comes from living close to the Heart of Christ?  When you hear this does it make sense to you?  Reflect upon this question today and if you realize that you do not know what it is to know Him this way, then admit that to yourself and begin to seek Him out.  If you seek, with your whole heart, you will find.  And when you find, you will be eternally grateful you did.

Lord, I want to be one with You.  I want to dwell in Your presence and bask in Your Divine Mercy.  Help me in my weakness to turn to You with every power of my soul and to encounter Your Divine Essence.  I reject all false “satisfactions” in life and turn to You and You alone.  My Jesus, my Lord, I trust in You.

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