Reflection 200: The Unity of Love and Suffering


Are love and suffering opposed?  In other words, if you feel much suffering can you also have great love?  One question to consider is this: What is the source of your suffering?  Is it your sin?  Is it compassion for another?  Is it a physical or psychological wound?  The truth is that every suffering is able to be united with love in your heart.  This is true even of the suffering you endure as a result of your sin.  Sin is clearly not from God, but when you experience interior suffering as a result of your sin, it’s a sign that your conscience is at work and that is good.  The goal is to take every form of suffering you endure, be it from sin or any other source, and let it become an impetus for mercy.  First, you must allow the Mercy of God to soothe the pain you feel, and then you must let that love coming from the Lord’s Mercy transform your suffering into your own mercy.  Suffering and Mercy must meet within your heart and from there, extend out to others (See Diary #1050).

What do you see in your heart?  Specifically identify any suffering you endure.  No matter what the cause, look at it and experience it.  As you do this, allow the grace flowing from the Heart of Christ to enter in.  And as you allow it to enter in, let Him transform your hurt into a heart full of mercy and compassion for all, starting with yourself.  The Mercy of God is abundant and can overshadow everything we experience in life, even our pain.  Let your pain meet Divine Mercy in your heart and you will be forever changed.

Lord, I invite You into my heart.  Come and dwell there and transform everything within me through an abundant outpouring of Your Divine Mercy.  May I love You, dear Lord, above all things and allow Your presence in my life to change me for Your glory.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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