Reflection 203: The Depth and Breadth of Mercy


Imagine being given the task of counting every grain of sand in the world.  It would obviously be an impossible task.  In fact, all the people in the world could not accomplish such a task together.  Some things are simply beyond us.  Another task that would even be more difficult to accomplish is to fully fathom the Mercy of God.  This is impossible.  The Mercy of God is completely beyond us.  Its depths and breadth are infinite.  You could spend your whole life contemplating and experiencing the Mercy of God and you would only begin to penetrate the surface.  In fact, if every person ever created spent eternity contemplating the Mercy of God, our combined effort would not even suffice to comprehend it.  Understanding that the Mercy of God is infinite will enable us to turn to Him no matter our struggle and no matter our sin, trusting in Him with all the powers of our soul (See Diary #1059).

Have you tried to comprehend the Mercy of God?  Do you even understand that you can never fully understand this infinite Gift?  If you are to trust in our Lord, you must begin this impossible mission of Divine contemplation.  It’s what you will do eternally in Heaven.  And your Heaven must begin now.  Doing so will deepen your ability to trust, and your trust will enable you to surrender.  Do not wait, begin this glorious task today.

Lord of Mercy, I thank You for the infinite nature of Your love and for calling me to begin my journey into this unfathomable mystery.  Give me the grace to open my eyes so that I may begin to plunge into Your Mercy and in so doing, deepen my trust in You this day.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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