Reflection 207: Taking Comfort in the Heart of Christ


Children often find great comfort in snuggling close to a loving and tender parent.  There is great satisfaction in being held tight in these arms of love.  Fear and worry are dispelled in these moments and peace and solace are restored when distress has been present.  So it must be with our Lord.  We must seek the spiritual comfort that comes from bringing our weary selves to the source of all comfort.  Drawing close to the Heart of our Lord brings peace in the midst of any turmoil.  Stress, frustration, hurt and confusion are dismissed and replaced with a sense of confidence and safety.  The Heart of the Lord reverberates in such a way that it invites us to take refuge in its rhythm.  His compassion and Mercy are distributed with every beat as His Precious Blood covers us as a blanket of grace.  Run to this source of comfort and allow the merciful Heart of your God to be your place of rest (See Diary #1074).

In your prayer, are you able to take comfort and solace in the Merciful Heart of our Lord?  Reflect upon the intimacy that you are invited to share.  It is an intimacy beyond any human comfort and distributes a grace that floods your soul with Mercy and peace.  Ponder the image of a small child taking comfort in the arms of a loving parent.  This is but a glimpse of the care that our Lord desires to show to you.

Heavenly Father, draw me close to You and to the Heart of Your Son.  May I turn to You in all things and in every moment of distress in my life.  I entrust myself to You and cling to Your Heart which is filled with compassion and love.   May Your Heart be a resting place for my weary soul.  I love You my God and I take refuge in You and You alone.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Madonna with Child and Angels by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato, via Wikimedia Commons