Reflection 209: Overcoming the Habit of Sin


Overcoming sin requires the Mercy of God.  Too often we attempt to overcome sin through our own effort.  This is a futile exercise in that you will never overcome your own sin through your own effort.  There is one way and one way only to rid yourself of the sin you struggle with, and that is done by turning to the transforming power of God poured out through the Mercy of the Cross of Christ.  It’s entirely possible that you have identified some habitual sin in your life, have confessed it, and then, within the next day, fell into that sin again, over and over.  This is because you have attempted to rely upon your own strength and not the power of God.  Jesus is the only means by which you can overcome your sin.  Turning to Him for the Mercy to eliminate sin from your life requires commitment and focus.  It requires total trust in Him and a complete surrender to Him.  You cannot do this on your own (See Diary #1087).

What is it that you struggle with each and every day?  Whatever your sin may be, you can overcome it, but only by relying on Mercy and the purifying power of the Cross.  This is done by fixing your eyes on Jesus and relying on Him alone.  Your responsibility is to turn to Christ.  His action is one of purification.  Do not doubt the power of our Lord and His ability to purge sin from your life.  It may “hurt” to be purified, but it is obtainable.  It requires sacrifice on your part and Mercy on His part.  Reflect upon this internal struggle you encounter and resolve, deeply, to abandon yourself to Him.  He will begin to lift this burden in your life when you do so.

Lord, I give You my sin and beg for the grace to overcome it.  I know that I am weak, but that You are strong.  Lift this heavy burden and bring purity and sanctity to my soul.  I love You my Lord and I surrender my sin to You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: St Francis in Prayer before the Crucifix by El Greco, via Wikimedia Commons