Reflection 211: Close to the Mother of God


A mother’s love could be described as “fierce” in the sense that she would willingly give her life for the protection of her children.  A motherly instinct kicks in when her child is in danger, hurting, or in need, and she loses all sense of her own well-being in favor of the protection of her child.  So it is with the Mother of God.  You are her child by grace and by the Will of Jesus her Son.  As a result, she holds you close to her heart in times of need and shelters you in her mantle of protection.  This motherly love is offered even when you are not in harm’s way as a result of her unwavering motherly care.  She is an advocate for you like none other.  And she is not only your mother; she is also the Mother of God.  And as the Mother of God, she obtains special graces for all her children from her Divine Son.  He answers every request she makes on your behalf and will never abandon you.  Stay close to her, nestled in her arms of Mercy (See Diary #1097).

Have you consecrated yourself to the love, care and protection of the Mother of God?  If not, why not?  What are you waiting for?  Does it confuse you why you should trust in her maternal care?  God deigned to create a spiritual family of love and He entrusted His mother with your care.  Motherly care is central to the natural order of God’s design for humanity.  Therefore, it is only logical to conclude that it is also part of His supernatural plan for humanity.  Turn to her as your spiritual mother and trust that the Lord wills to pour an abundance of Mercy upon you through her mediation.

Dearest Mother, I love you and entrust myself to your motherly care and intercession.  I believe that you are my mother in the order of grace and that you are “full of grace.”  Pour down upon me the motherly Mercy in your heart as I put my trust in you.  Dearest Mother, I consecrate myself to you.  Please pray for me.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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