Reflection 212: Overcoming Doubt


What is “doubt?”  To doubt is to lack faith, and to lack faith is to lack trust in the perfect revelation and plan of God’s Will.  First and foremost, a doubt, resulting from a lack of faith, means you are not listening.  When we doubt God, His plan and all that He reveals to us, we are left on our own.  But when we listen, hear, understand and believe, we are covered in the protection of His Mercy on account of the faith that we manifest.  Faith means that we know with certainty all that God says and wills.  Faith is not just believing in something we hope is true, it’s knowing and believing all that is true (See Diary #1101).

Do you doubt at times?  Or do you have faith?  This is an exceptionally important question to ponder.  Begin by asking yourself these questions:  Do I listen to the Voice of God?  Do I hear God speak to me and do I comprehend all that He says?  Without these first steps, faith is impossible.  Hearing Him speak can only come through prayer.  And the form of prayer we need could be called “soaking prayer.”  Soaking prayer is a form of prayer by which we allow ourselves to daily become immersed in the Voice of God revealing His holy Will.  He speaks to us all day, every day.  Little by little we listen, comprehend and respond.  This produces the gift of faith and that faith will lead your life.  Reflect upon this process in your life and renew your commitment to start at the beginning so that the Lord will lead you one step at a time.

Dear Lord, I desire to hear You speak to me.  Help me to open my ears to hear so that I may know You and discern Your perfect Will for my life.  I desire to be led each day only by You and to trust in the gentle guidance of Your holy Will.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured Image above: A Woman Praying by Willem de Poorter, via Wikimedia Commons