Reflection 214: A Complete Pardon


Imagine that you were guilty of a serious crime and faced life in prison.  You were sorry for what you had done and fully confessed to it.  On the day of your sentencing you came in handcuffed from where you were being held knowing that you would soon return.  Instead, the judge ordered that your shackles be removed, that you were to receive a full pardon and that you were being granted a complete restoration to your former life.  Certainly you would be filled with gratitude.  But we must realize that God has not only done this, He has done even more. He also elevates us the status as His sons and daughters, a new status that we do not deserve in the order of grace.  The Mercy of God is amazing and beyond what we can comprehend.  All we have to do is repent and entrust ourselves to the benevolence of this good Judge.  This is especially done through Confession and trusting in the abundance of Mercy offered to those who specifically go to Confession in honor of Divine Mercy Sunday (See Diary #1109).

Can you admit to your sin?  Are you aware of your sin?  If so, then you are one step away from receiving a full pardon from the Most Merciful Judge.  God longs to not only wipe away your sins, He also longs to elevate you to the glorious heights of Mercy.  Do you want this?  If so, do not hesitate in believing in the glorious Sacrament of Confession, and do not hesitate to trust in His Mercy poured out on Divine Mercy Sunday each year.  Seek His pardon, especially on that glorious day.

Lord, give me the grace of knowing my sins and confessing them in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  May I have great courage to face Your Mercy in that Sacrament so as to be elevated to the glorious status of Your sons and daughters.  And may I especially trust in the Mercy You bestow on Divine Mercy Sunday.  Thank You for the graces bestowed on this most holy day.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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