Reflection 216: Clarity of Mind through Authentic Love


Our Church sets before us many teachings that can only be understood by grace.  Some teachings are about morality, calling us to a life of great virtue.  Some teachings are about God, His very being and essence.  Some teachings are about humanity and bring clarity to who we are.  What’s important to understand is that nothing that the Church teaches can be fully understood without love.  Love is like a window inserted into a brick wall surrounding the many truths revealed to us by God.  Unless we find that window and peer through, we are left unaware of all that God wishes to teach us each day.  Love of God and love of others enables us to quickly make sense of the greatest mysteries of life.  Through love, our minds perceive and clarify life itself and all that God wishes to reveal to us in faith.  Choose to love God and others with a spiritual, selfless and sacrificial love, and allow that love to become the source of your understanding in life (See Diary #1123).

What is it that causes you the greatest confusion?  Is there some article of faith taught by the Church that you do not understand?  Or perhaps there is confusion over a relationship you have, not knowing how to approach it or to resolve some underlying problem.  Whatever it is that you find difficult to “solve,” know that your answer will come only when you choose to love God and others with a pure love, the love of Mercy.  This is not a selfish love based on your feelings, but is a sacrificial and selfless love that imitates Jesus and His Cross.  Commit to this love and you will quickly and easily comprehend the mysteries of life.

Lord, please enlighten me.  Help me to realize that pure and holy love opens the door to the mysteries of life.  May I open that door through my love of You, and discover all that You wish to teach me.  This is a Mercy for which I am eternally grateful.  Jesus, I trust in You.


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