Reflection 217: The Lazy and Idle Soul


We please the evil one when we allow our souls to become lazy and idle in the things of God.  An idle soul is one that does not seek to engage the life of God.  An idle soul is one who is passive in spiritual things rather than active.  Being “passive,” means that the person is somewhat indifferent to matters of faith and morality.  There is little interest in these areas and, as a result, very little effort is given to them.  Do not delight the evil one by being idle in your spiritual life.  Become zealous, passionate, hard working, diligent and committed to the path of holiness.  Seek to meet our Lord, personally, through a life of generous self-surrender to Him.  And never tire of doing so with all the powers of your soul (See Diary #1127).

What are you passionate about?  For example, do you have some hobby or pastime?  Do you have some activity that you love doing and spend much time with?  Though a hobby can be healthy, your greatest “pastime” should be that of seeking God and serving His holy Will.  Nothing in life should take up more time and focus than your love of God.  Reflect upon how determined you are in your life of faith.  How committed are you to building a relationship with your merciful Lord?  Are you idle or lazy in this area?  Renew your zeal for God and allow that zeal to guide you into an ever deepening relationship with your Lord.  Give Him more than an hour a week and you will reap the blessings of your commitment. 

Lord, I want to be holy.  However, I realize that I do not desire holiness enough, preferring instead to be idle and lazy at times.  Please increase my zeal and my desire to come to know You more.  And as I grow in a deeper love for You, magnify that love and help it to continue growing in an exponential way.  May I never tire of seeking You and loving You, dear Lord.  I give you my life.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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