Reflection 218: A Single Perception of God


It is important to understand God and His ways, but understanding is not the same as knowing.  Knowing God means we encounter a Person.  We do not only understand what this person says; rather, we engage, meet, experience and enter into a relationship with this Person.  In fact, one of the greatest blessings we can ever receive in this life is to obtain even a single perception of God.  Even one single perception of Him, one single encounter with Him, one single act of knowing Him is enough to change our lives forever.  An act of authentic knowing of God is more important than any other act we can do in life (See Diary #1133).

If you were offered all the wealth and fame of the world, great success and prestige, would you take it?  Most likely you would.  Being successful or wealthy or well known or greatly honored is often desirable.  In and of themselves, none of these qualities are bad.  But there is a grave danger in these desires the moment that they become more important to us than our desire to know God, distracting us from that ultimate goal.  The moment we find ourselves desiring worldly things more than a desire for the very Person of God is the moment that we have mixed up our priorities in life.  Seek even one single act of encountering our merciful God and you will find that this knowledge of Him is worth more than anything this world can offer.

My Lord, I desire to know You.  Please increase that desire in my soul so that it is more powerful than every other desire in my life.  I pray that You give me even a single perception of You, a single knowledge of You, dear Lord, and in that knowledge please change my life.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured Image above: Christ and the Rich Young Ruler by Heinrich Hofmann, via Wikimedia Commons