Reflection 219: Difficulties in Proclaiming Mercy


If you commit yourself to a full embrace of the Mercy of God in your life, you will be transformed beyond your wildest dreams.  But you will also have another experience.  You will encounter great difficulties in your attempts to live and proclaim Mercy to a fallen world.  The world does not understand the Mercy of God.  The world only knows harshness and judgment.  It seeks revenge and honors pride and self-assertion.  Mercy, however, it does not understand.  And when you embrace Mercy and allow it to be made manifest through your life, it will not always be accepted.  You may be misunderstood, labeled as weak and even ignored by many.  Do not get discouraged at the rejection you will encounter as you seek to be an apostle of the Mercy of God.  This is inevitable, but in that rejection and in every difficulty you encounter, you will discover a new level of holiness as you rest close to the Heart of Christ (See Diary #1142).

As you attempt to embrace Mercy in your life, what difficulties do you encounter?  Do others fail to understand the path you are on?  Do you feel misunderstood and even judged?  Reflect upon your experience and try to surrender every difficulty you experience over to the Heart of Christ.  His act of perfect Mercy, manifested through His death on the Cross, was seen by many as a pitiful and unfortunate consequence of His weakness.  However, Jesus’ love was not hampered by these false perceptions.  He pressed on, offering His life for the salvation of the world.  You must do the same.

Lord, Your Mercy is so profound and so mysterious that, at times, I question its wisdom.  I question whether I am walking the road to sanctity or foolishness.  Give me courage, clarity and strength to persevere down the road You have called me and help me to continually trust in Your abundance of Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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