Reflection 226: The Good Fruit of Mercy


Our Lord had a Heart of perfect Mercy for others.  It’s important to note that His Mercy is not only a general concept; rather, it is lived out in concrete action.  Specifically, there are many good fruits born of this Mercy such as concrete acts of compassion, kindness, understanding and consolation.  This is important to understand.  Mercy is not simply some general concept.  It’s concrete and practical.  It is seen, lived and experienced in daily life.  Those who were near Jesus while He lived on Earth would have experienced, first hand, His compassion, kindness, understanding and consolation.  Jesus wants to continue offering these to others through you.  Commit yourself to these concrete acts so that the Mercy of God will continue to take on flesh in our world (See Diary #1175).

When you look at your own life, and examine all your actions, what do you see?  Do you see concrete acts of the Mercy of God shining through?  Reflect, today, upon the particulars and specific acts you see or do not see.  Know that God’s Mercy shines through you in the smallest of ways.  Look for those ways and seek their increase in your life.  Do not wait.

Lord, please make me an instrument of Your Mercy in daily acts of kindness, compassion, consolation and understanding.  May these good fruits of Your Mercy be alive in my life in small and great ways.  I give myself to You for Your Mercy, dear Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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