Reflection 227: Human Plans are Thwarted


It’s easy for us to come up with what we deem to be a great plan for our lives and for the glory of God.  We can think, and plan, and develop and organize things in a certain way only to find out that what we have come up with is not what is in the Mind of God.  The error some people find themselves in is that they have failed to sincerely listen to God speak and, therefore, have failed to allow Him to lay out His perfect plan for their lives and for their good work of giving Him glory.  The fact remains that if something is not the Will of God, it will not happen.  Our plans become thwarted by the Will of God.  And this is good.  The same is true if others attempt to inflict some idea upon us that is contrary to God’s Will.  The Lord always protects us from this when we trust in Him.  It’s true that, at times, He allows evils to befall us as part of His permissive Will, but this must be seen as a part of His plan for our holiness, permitting us to trust more deeply in His providential care (See Diary #1180).

Reflect upon whether you sincerely seek God’s Will before you develop your own plan or idea.  This takes patience and surrender.  It requires that we deny our own impulses and preferences and allow the Lord to speak and act.  Reflect, also, upon any plans you have had for your own life that have not come to fruition.  Know that this is either the result of a lack of trust on your part, or because your plan did not align with the Will of God.  Surrender any past “failure” you have experienced and renew your commitment to seek only the Will of God.

Lord, I trust that in Your perfect wisdom, You will direct my life and lead me to give You perfect glory.  Help me to deny my own untamed impulses and preferences so that You and You alone will enter into my life and take charge.  I give all to You, dear Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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