Reflection 228: The Unfailing Presence of God


Is God alive in your life?  Does He live within you?  Is He present to you in the inner depths of your heart day and night?  There is only one thing that would ever cause God to leave you and that is mortal sin.  Mortal sin is deadly sin.  It’s a freely chosen act that is in grave violation of the Will of God and a grave violation of your human dignity.  When you obstinately persist in such a sin, God cannot be present.  He waits for repentance and looks for an opportunity to return, but remains absent as long as the mortal sin remains.  But with that said, this should give you hope because it reveals that as long as you avoid mortal sin, or repent of one you have committed, you can be certain of the presence of God in your life.  You may not always sense His closeness, but He is there, living within you.  Do not doubt this truth and have full confidence of this absolute and irrevocable pledge of our Lord (See Diary #1181).

Reflect, today, upon the presence of God alive in your life.  And if you do not sense His presence, you only need to examine your conscience and discern whether you are in mortal sin.  Most likely you are not.  If you are, repent immediately and seek out the Sacrament of Confession.  But if you are not, then make an act of faith in the presence of God in your soul.  Thank Him for being there even if you do not sense Him.  And if you do not sense Him, be certain that He is there, hidden and silent for good reason.  God’s closeness to you is greater than you will ever know.

Lord, I thank You for being alive in my life and for living within the depths of my soul.  I thank You for being with me through all things and for never abandoning me.  In those moments when I do not sense Your presence, give me faith to know You are there.  And fill me with a confident trust in Your guiding Hand.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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