Reflection 235: The Simple Call to Mercy


As we grow deeper in our faith, it’s easy to presume that life will become more complex.  For example, when one begins to study mathematics, each course that is taken builds upon the previous, and the lessons become more challenging and difficult as time goes on.  But in a certain sense the opposite is true with our life of faith.  The deeper we plunge into the Ocean of Mercy, the more we realize the simplicity of our God.  Though God is infinite and fully beyond our comprehension, He is also profoundly simple.  In fact, the deeper we enter into His Mercy, the more we realize that the mysteries of life are not as complex as we once thought.  We begin to realize that the mysteries of God bring us continually back to the simple truth that we are called to rest in the humble Heart of our Divine Lord (See Diary #1211).

Reflect upon the call you have been given to enter into the Mercy of God.  Do you find life difficult, confusing or overwhelming?  If so, it may be time to step back and reexamine your thinking.  The call of God is exceptionally simple.  To answer that call you may need to set aside the apparent complexity of life and plunge into the simplicity of His Will.  It does not require a doctorate degree to comprehend this profound simplicity.  But when you do embrace its simplicity, you will also discover its depth and beauty in a new way.  Reflect, today, upon this simple call and dive in with the innocence and trust of a child and you will discover the deep wisdom of God.

Lord, I love You and desire to know You and Your holy Will.  Give me the grace to plunge into the Ocean of Your Mercy and, in the simplicity of this act, to be fully committed to You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to Saint Monica
(Especially prayed for wayward children)
August 18–26

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