Reflection 236: Praying for Mercy for Everyone


Every person is unique and God wishes to lavish His Mercy upon each and every one of us according to our particular needs.  When we pray for people, it’s good to offer them individually as well as by groupings.  Here are some groupings of people we ought to pray for: all sinners, priests, religious, the faithful, pagans, atheists, heretics, schismatics, children, those devoted to Mercy, those in Purgatory and the lukewarm.  This list is not exhaustive but each grouping needs prayer for a deepening of God’s Mercy in a particular way in their lives.  Do not be overwhelmed by the myriad of needs, but know that it is good to pray and offer sacrifice for a different group of people each day so as to slowly offer each and every person to the Mercy of God according to their particular needs (See Diary #1210-1230, Novena given by our Lord).

How attentive are you to the needs of those all around you?  Some are strong in their faith and need continual encouragement as they seek to offer their lives fully to the service of God.  Others are caught in sin and need to be freed from the burdens and attachments they struggle with.  Others are lukewarm, going astray, or lost.  Everyone is different and carries particular needs in their lives.  You must remember that the Mercy of God is for everyone and will meet the needs of each person in the specific way they need it.  The more clearly you see this fact the more you will love each individual as God loves.  Your prayers will be one way that you are able to share in the distribution of God’s grace to each person according to their needs.

Lord, give me the grace to be attentive to the needs of all people.  Help me to be aware of the ways that Your Mercy is distributed and to share in that distribution through my prayers.  May all people come to know and serve You with their whole heart.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to Saint Monica
(Especially prayed for wayward children)
August 18–26

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Featured image above: Christ Healing the Sick, 1813, by Washington Allston, via Wikimedia Commons