Reflection 249: The Fruit of Suffering


Only after someone has suffered greatly do they begin to understand the good fruits that can come forth from such suffering.  In and of itself, suffering is the result of our fallen human condition.  But because Jesus entered our human condition, embracing all suffering and redeeming it, suffering now has great power when freely embraced by us and united to the sufferings of Christ.  One good fruit that can come from suffering is spiritual knowledge.  When suffering is embraced in Christ and offered to Him as a sacrifice in union with His own Sacrifice, we will find that our suffering clarifies life, puts it in perspective and may even give us the spiritual gift of insight into the souls of others we encounter.  This gift of knowledge of other souls will enable us to see their needs and offer the Mercy of God to them in the particular way they need it.  Do not be afraid to allow your sufferings to transform you and bestow this gift of knowledge upon you along with the many other gifts God wishes to bestow (See Diary #1277).

Reflect upon how you deal with your own sufferings.  Whether it is a small discomfort you feel or an intense interior pain, everything we experience in life can be redeemed and transformed so as to transform us.  If you believe this then try to consciously embrace every discomfort and every suffering you endure as a sacrifice to God.  Offer it to Him and then allow the purifying effects of this free embrace to produce an abundance of good fruit in your life. 

Lord, so often I run from my suffering and deny the redeeming effects that the free embrace of my sufferings can have upon me.  Give me courage to say “Yes” to the crosses I am given and to be open to the spiritual fruits that they can produce in my life.  I give all to You, dear Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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