Reflection 264: A Retreat With Jesus


Have you ever made a retreat?  Some are privileged to take time away from the busyness of life so as to spend an extended time listening to our Lord and being in His merciful presence.  Others find it hard to find even a day to enter such a retreat.  Regardless of whether you have or have not had this opportunity, know that you need time alone with Jesus.  It is not possible to speak to Him only during your busy day and maintain a proper relationship with Him.  The depth of the relationship desired by Jesus requires time set aside solely for Him.  Seek these opportunities and do not neglect them.  It is through moments of extended prayer and reflection that life is clarified and the Will of God is made manifest (See Diary #1326-1327).

When is the last time you spent an extended amount of time alone with our Lord?  Perhaps it was only an hour in the chapel or in your room, or perhaps it was longer.  Think about how much time you give to Him.  We often can find plenty of time to watch a movie, go shopping, or engage in some other recreational activity.  The truth is that if we make time alone with our Lord a priority in life, it will happen.  We will find the time and our time with Him will be abundantly fruitful.  Ponder the level of priority that you give to these moments of quiet reflection with our Lord and recommit yourself to making them the most important part of your life.  If you do so, all else will fall into place as His Mercy is poured forth.

Lord, I desire to make You the number one priority in my life.  I desire to make time for You on a daily basis and to find an extended period of time for You regularly.  Help me to have the will to do this so that I may bask in Your presence and allow You to sort through the difficulties I face in life.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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