Reflection 266: Discouragement in the Face of Sanctity


Do you want to be a saint? Hopefully the answer is “Yes.”  But what about this question: Do you think you can become a saint?  This may be more difficult to answer.  It’s easy to dream of sanctity and to desire it, but when faced with the task of achieving it, discouragement can easily set in.  Discouragement comes when you see the high call of holiness and conclude that you will never be able to achieve it.  You may become fixated upon a certain fault and give up, thinking that you are destined to remain lukewarm and that’s it.  You may feel as though you are a nice person and that will have to suffice.  But God has great plans for you!  He not only calls you to be a saint, He knows you can become one.  The key is to allow His Mercy to become so clear to you that you begin to realize sanctity is possible.  Holiness, or sanctity, is not achieved because we are good; rather, it’s achieved because God is merciful and we have chosen to fix our gaze upon that Mercy.  Never doubt the truth that you are both called to be a saint and that you can become a saint (See Diary #1333).

Reflect upon these two questions today.  Do I want to become a saint and can this be achieved in my life?  Look for ways that you get discouraged at the thought of holiness.  Whatever it is that is causing discouragement in you is false.  It’s not the truth.  Let the Mercy of God appear before your eyes and realize that His Mercy is able to be received by you.  And when you are open to receiving the Mercy of God, you will begin your journey to true sanctity.

Lord, I do desire to become holy as a result of Your abundant Mercy.  Remove my struggles with discouragement and help me to have hope in Your power to change me.  I give myself to You, dear Lord, and I trust that You will make me a saint.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to St. Thérèse, the Little Flower
September 22-30

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