Reflection 271: Looking Past the Obstacles in Life


One very common tendency and temptation most people struggle with is to become fixated upon sufferings, humiliations and the false opinions of others.  When we experience one or more of these burdens, we can be tempted to make them the central focus of our life.  For example, if you are unjustly humiliated and others have an erroneous opinion of you, it can be exceptionally hard to keep this from dominating your thoughts.  Similarly, whatever it is that causes you grief or suffering can easily become the focal point of your life.  These tendencies must be overcome by a commitment to look beyond these obstacles and to gaze only on the Truth.  What is the Truth?  It’s that which is in the Mind of God.  Nothing less, nothing more, nothing other.  As you seek to look beyond the struggles of life and focus only on the Truth, you will discover God’s glorious Will.  His Will always offers us hope, confidence and joy as we move forward in life (See Diary #1360).

What is it that dominates your attention?  What is it that you are most aware of day after day?  If you tend to let yourself become drawn into the confusions of life, work to change the focus of your attention.  Instead, look only at the Will of God.  His Will is glorious, inspiring, hopeful and renewing.  Pay no attention to anything that is not contained within His Divine Will and the confusion, hurt and humiliation that you struggle with will slowly disappear as it is overwhelmed by the Mercy of God.

Lord, help me to remain focused on the Truth as it is seen by Your watchful eye and known by Your perfect Mind.  Help me to discover Your Will as the only Truth that I must know and help me to embrace Your Will with my whole being.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to St. Thérèse, the Little Flower
September 22-30

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