Reflection 272: The External Manifestation of the Heart


No one can see your heart except you and God.  God is aware of every detail of your interior life to a perfect degree; you see the details of your interior life to an imperfect degree.  Nonetheless, it is important to become increasingly aware of the reality of your inner life.  See your soul as a hidden and secret world in which the Mercy of God resides.  Allow the inner chambers of your heart to become consumed with the love of God.  This holy and pure love of God must direct all things within you.  And although others will not see that which takes place within you, they will see the good fruits that come forth from your life and these good fruits will become an exterior witness to the Mercy of God alive within you.  Though the inner life is hidden, it must become manifest so that the secret workings of God will produce Mercy in a visible and radiant way (See Diary #1363).

Are you aware of the powerful work of God within your soul?  Are you attentive to His merciful hand, leading you and guiding you within this secret sanctuary of your interior life?  Fix your interior gaze upon the pure love of God and allow this hidden place to bring forth an abundance of good fruit.  As the good fruit of your life is produced, allow it to be made manifest for the world to see and to be inspired and changed by the Mercy of God coming forth from you.  Ponder today this direct connection between your interior and exterior and allow your heart to shine forth.

Lord, I love You with a burning love.  Please continually purify my heart so that Your grace may become active and alive within my soul. As You work Your miracles of grace in my life, bring forth the good fruit of Mercy in my exterior actions so that Your works will become a public testimony to the pure love that is alive in my heart.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to St. Thérèse, the Little Flower
September 22-30

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