Reflection 277: Mercy to Dispel Tension


Tension is often a part of life.  Some deal with much tension, frustration and even extreme anger in their daily lives.  At first, the anger of another can set you on guard and tempt you to fear.  This is a normal reaction.  The anger of another can also push you to react and to fight back with anger, spite and bitterness of your own.  You may get defensive and even lash out.  But the Mercy of God is able to bring peace to any situation.  His Mercy is bestowed when you turn a blind eye to the anger you face from another and speak as sweetly to them as you would to Jesus.  Leave the wrath of God to God.  If He inspires you to bring forth His holy wrath, you will know what to say and how to say it and this will be an act of His Mercy.  But don’t be surprised if God inspires you to act with extraordinary kindness in such a situation.  This takes great resolve and a tremendous amount of patience. Do not allow yourself to become engaged by or tangled in the irrational wrath of another.  Instead, let the peace of God’s Mercy so flood your soul that, through you, His grace dispels all vice (See Diary #1377).

Reflect upon any regular situations of tension and anger you deal with.  Perhaps you are the cause or perhaps you are the target.  Whatever the case may be, know that God’s peace can reign.  Seek His peace, keep your eyes upon it and allow this firm focus to become a source of His abundant Mercy.  He loves you and wants to free you from these burdens.

Lord, I invite You into the tension in my life.  First, I surrender my own frustrations and anger to You.  Please free me from these unruly passions and replace them with Your peace.  Help me also, dear Lord, when I face the unjust wrath of another.  Keep me calm and focused upon Your Heart.  Help me to react as You will and to be an instrument of Your peace.  Jesus, I trust in You.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary

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