Reflection 278: Windows to the Mysteries of God’s Mercy


Saint Faustina was asked to have an image of Jesus painted with rays of Mercy flowing from His Heart.  She did so and Jesus affirmed to her that many souls would be drawn to Him through this image.  It’s interesting to think about the importance that Jesus and Saint Faustina gave to this image.  Indeed it speaks volumes regarding the Mercy flowing radiantly from His wounded Heart.  It’s also insightful to think about this in a more general way, namely, that a sacred image of any sort can become a source of Mercy.  But the reason for this is that sacred art speaks a language.  It communicates the Gospel message and meditating upon a sacred image opens your heart to hear God speak in a new way (See Diary #1379).

Reflect upon the Gospel images that you have in your home.  Do you have many or very few?  Do not shy away from filling your home with sacred images reflecting the message of the Gospel.  Additionally, it is important to spend time in prayer with these images.  Take a moment today to find the image of Divine Mercy that our Lord asked Saint Faustina to have painted.  Spend quiet time looking at it and “listening” to it.  What does God say to you through this image?  He will certainly speak the fundamental message of His Mercy in that the rays of blood and water shine forth from His wounded Heart in a radiant way.  These rays cover the Earth and shine on you day and night.  But what else does God say to you through this image?  Spending time prayerfully gazing upon this image and others will allow you to hear God speak of the mysteries of His love. 

Lord, I know that any representation of You is but a drop of water compared to the reality.  Help me in my prayer to be drawn into the reality of Your perfect love and Mercy as I meditate upon the sacredness that holy images represent.  May I meet You, dear Lord, through these treasures of art and grace.  Jesus, I trust in You.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary

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