Reflection 285: Deception as an “Angel of Light”


The evil one hates you with a profound hate.  And the closer you draw to God, fulfilling His Divine Will, the more he will seek to attack you.  Do not fear the bark of this little dog.  One of the most common ways the evil one attempts to deceive you is by presenting himself as an angel of light.  He does this by using his natural angelic powers of influence, speaking lies that have a faint resemblance to the truth.  He rarely speaks outright with obvious lies since he knows we would immediately identify him as the source.  Instead, he seeks to manipulate the truth and lead you into confusion, tempting you to doubt the truths that God has spoken and to doubt the holy Will of God.  He may subtly remind you of your past sins and weaknesses while trying to mask the infinite Mercy of God which eliminates those sins and manifests its power through your weakness.  He may tempt you to discouragement and despair, removing from your heart the hope you have been given in Christ Jesus.  He may tempt you to anger and resentment leading you to believe that you are justified in holding on to these feelings.  Whatever the case may be, the evil one is a slippery liar and you must overcome his deceit by turning constantly to the truth of the Mercy of God (See Diary #1405).

Reflect upon the subtle lies that you have allowed yourself to believe.  Whatever they are, you will know them by their fruits: sadness, anger, hurt, confusion and the like.  Identify these and dismiss them through prayer.  Allow the Mercy of the Lord’s Truth to permeate your soul and set you free.

Lord, help me to know the truth and to be set free through this knowledge.  Please protect me from the subtle lies and deceptions of the evil one.  I rebuke him in Your holy Name and entrust myself to Your protecting Hand.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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