Reflection 291: The Value of Silent and Hidden Suffering


When something burdens us we often seek consolation from others regarding our suffering by speaking about them openly.  Though it may be beneficial to share our burdens with another to an extent, there is also great value in embracing them silently in a hidden way.  It may always be wise to share your burdens with a certain person such as a spouse, confidant, spiritual director or confessor, but be aware of the value of hidden sufferings.  The danger of speaking of your suffering openly to everyone is that it tempts you toward self-pity, lessening the opportunity to offer your sacrifice to God.  Keeping your sufferings hidden enables you to offer them to God in a more pure fashion.  Offering them in silence will win much Mercy from the Heart of Christ.  He alone sees all you endure and will be your greatest confidant through it all (See Diary #1430).

Reflect upon those burdens you carry that you can reasonably keep silent about and offer to God.  If you are overwhelmed, do not hesitate to speak to another for their assistance.  But if it is something that you can silently suffer with, try to make it a holy offering to our Lord.  Suffering and sacrifice do not always make sense to us immediately.  But if you seek to understand the value of your silent sacrifices, you will most likely obtain insight into the blessings they can become.  Silent sufferings, offered to God, become a source of Mercy for your good and for the good of others.  They make you more like Christ in that the greatest suffering He endured was known only by the Father in Heaven.

Lord, there are many things in my life that are difficult at times.  Some seem small and trivial and others can be quite heavy.  Help me to always sort through the burdens of life and to rely upon the help and consolation of others when needed.  Help me to also discern when I can offer these sufferings to You as a silent source of Your Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary

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