Reflection 292: The Value of Special Vocations


Some people are called to a unique life of prayer and solitude within the context of religious life.  In particular, there are those called to the eremitical life or the cloister.  These holy souls are separated from the world and spend their days in quiet prayer and work.  But what value does this life have to the world?  This is an important question to understand.  From a worldly point of view, they add little to society.  They may be looked upon with curiosity and intrigue, offering inspiration and admiration, but little more is rarely understood of their life.  Never underestimate the incredible value of these holy vocations.  Their life of hidden prayer and sacrifice brings delight to the Heart of our Lord and is a constant source of His Mercy in the world.  In fact, without these holy souls, the world would be in grave danger.  Through their lives of prayer and sacrifice the Lord withholds much of His judgment and issues Mercy in its place (See Diary #1434).

What is your understanding of the value of the hidden vocation of religious?  Seek to understand the great value of their vocation.  Look to them for a deepening understanding of the spiritual life and trust that their prayers are a source of much Mercy in your life.  Additionally, reflect upon the fact that you are called to imitate their lives of prayer to one extent or another.  Though you may not be called to the cloister or to live as a hermit, you are called to a deep interior life of prayer.  Allow these holy souls to teach you by their writings, their witness and their unique vocation.  They are an abundant source of Mercy in our world; seek God’s Mercy through them.

Lord, I thank you for the gift of those holy souls called to lives of solitude and prayer.  Please sanctify them in their vocation and help them to win many souls for Your Kingdom.  I pray that their witness and vocation will inspire many in an interior life of prayer.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to Saint Jude
For Desperate Situations and Desperate Cases
Prayed anytime of year, especially October 19–27

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