Reflection 293: Reduced to Nothingness


Do you see value in being reduced to nothingness in your own eyes?  Perhaps not.  The reason this language is difficult to accept is that humility is only fully understood by a special gift of God’s grace.  Some ancient philosophers even hold up pride as a great virtue, discounting humility as weakness.  Sadly, there are few souls that obtain the actual virtue of humility.  Some may obtain a certain semblance of this virtue, but few actually become humble to a great degree.  Again, humility can only be understood and embraced by a special grace of God.  Naturally speaking, we are drawn to those things we deem to be beneficial to us.  Therefore, the first step in growing in humility is to see it for what it is and to discover its true value.  When we understand humility, we will desire it.  And when we desire it, we will be drawn to it.  And when drawn to it, we will more easily embrace it (See Diary #1436).

Do you understand humility?  Do you understand the value of being reduced to nothingness in your own eyes?  If not, ponder this idea for some time.  Don’t give up on it thinking it is out of date, weak or misguided.  You must become reduced to nothingness in your eyes if you are to discover grace in the Heart of Christ.  Only by the discovery of your nothingness will you understand that God is everything and provides everything you need.  You will find, in this discovery, that you begin to choose God over yourself and, thus, you become transformed into God’s grace rather than living by your own strength.  God must possess you completely, live within you and live through you.  In this way, your humble soul becomes Christ to the world.

Lord, make me humble.  Help me to see my nothingness and to see Your greatness.  I choose You, dear Lord, over myself and invite You to possess me completely, transforming me into Your grace.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to Saint Jude
For Desperate Situations and Desperate Cases
Prayed anytime of year, especially October 19–27

October is the month of the Holy Rosary

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