Reflection 299: The Weariness of Human Wisdom


The words of truth, spoken from the Heart of our Lord, bring joy to our lives and rejuvenate our spirits.  When you hear these words of truth, take them in and act on them, you are set free from the burden of error and may experience a certain lightness of spirit and refreshment.  However, the opposite is true also.  When you listen to an error, take it in and believe it, the fruit of this error is one of sadness and burden.  The truth sets you free and an error weighs you down.  This is good to be attentive to when you offer advice to another.  If your words appear to lift them up and strengthen them, then you have an indication that you are speaking from the Heart of Christ.  The same is true when you take the counsel of another.  If their words immediately connect with you, filling you with a sense of inspiration and clarity, then listen and receive this word because they are most likely speaking the words our Lord has inspired them to speak to you (See Diary #1461).

Reflect today upon the conversations you have had this past week.  How did you feel afterwards?  Did you feel inspired and renewed?  Or did you feel dry and down.  And how have your words affected others over this past week?  Did you notice a healthy difference in them and a lightening of their spirits?  Do a practical and concrete examination of your conversations and recommit yourself to listening to and speaking that which comes from the merciful Heart of Jesus. 

Lord, I desire to be an instrument of Your Mercy in every way.  I pray, today, that I may especially do so through the words I offer to others.  May my words be Your Word, dear Lord.  And may I seek refreshment from Your Heart as I open myself to Your Word spoken through others.  I love You, dear Lord, help me to love You more and to be an instrument of that love to all with whom I converse.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to Saint Jude
For Desperate Situations and Desperate Cases
Prayed anytime of year, especially October 19–27

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