Reflection 305: The Depths of God’s Love


Imagine if someone gave their life for you because they loved you.  They were put into a situation where they knew you would lose your life if they did not freely give theirs.  As a result, they chose to step forward in confidence, giving their life in exchange for yours.  In order for someone to do this they would have to have an incredible depth of love for you, so much so that they valued your life over their own.  This depth of love may be rare but it does exist and we haven’t far to look to find it.  We only need to look at a crucifix to be made aware of this reality.  We easily become so familiar with the Crucifixion of our Lord that we overlook the fundamental fact of His perfect love.  He valued your life more than His own.  He did not hesitate to die a horrible death so that you could live.  This fact should not escape your daily notice.  It is not some far away sublime idea; it’s a practical reality that has absolute consequences in your life.  Jesus’ death is the only reason that you can live eternally in Heaven.  This is an act of Mercy that should leave us with eternal gratitude (See Diary #1485).

Spend time today pondering the Crucifixion of our Lord.  Try to see it not as some far away event that has only an inspirational influence on your life.  See it instead for what it is.  Without the free gift of Jesus on the Cross you would be lost for eternity.  It’s as simple as that.  His act of love was an exchange of His life for yours.  The depth of His love for you is more than you will ever fathom.  Ponder this truth today and rejoice that you are loved to such an absolute extent.

Lord, I will never fully understand the depth of Your perfect love.  In my small way I thank You with all my heart and choose to accept the total gift of Your death on the Cross.  Help me to never doubt Your love for me, dear Lord, and help me to love You in return.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Crucifixion by Giotto di Bondone, via Wikimedia Commons