Reflection 311: The Truth of Humility


The glorious virtue of humility must be understood, continually pondered and continually embraced.  What is humility?  It is nothing other than knowing the truth about yourself, believing that truth and living in accord with that truth.  Only you and God know the depths of your conscience.  Human opinion matters little.  Some may offer false judgments of you presuming your pride or another sin.  And at other times some may speak words of flattery, exaggerating your virtue from impure motives.  Neither false criticism nor words of flattery foster humility because they both have as their intention something other than the truth.  Some holy souls may even seek to misrepresent the truth of who they are by either exaggerating their holiness or by misrepresenting their misery so as to gain the praise or sympathy of others.  But, again, humility has as its goal the truth of who we are.  Seek to know and believe the full truth of your life, and then seek to live that truth openly and honestly.  This purity of intention will allow your true self to emerge, and through this humble act the Lord will shine forth from your soul (See Diary #1502-1503).

Ponder today the truth of who you are.  Seek complete honesty in regard to your actions and your intentions.  Understand yourself and seek to know yourself as God knows you.  Doing this will foster great humility.  As you grow in humility, see also the truth of God and His greatness.  Humbly acknowledge all that God does for you.  Seeing God at work within you and honestly expressing this with gratitude will allow Him to shine forth beautifully for all to see.  This is truth and this is humility. 

Lord, I desire to know the truth of who I am.  I seek this truth and desire to allow it to shine forth with honesty and integrity.  I pray also that I see Your greatness and acknowledge Your workings in my life.  You are glorious, dear Lord.  May this truth shine forth.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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